Real Estate Agent

Property Management

We consistently support rental property business in the age of diversifying tenants' needs.

We provide a system to solve risks on running a business from rental properties such as vacancies.

We manage rental properties of high quality with abundant expertise and information


24/7 Support

We will respond temporarily in case of the following problems:
・Keys, such as loss of key
・The sink area, such as water leaking from around the base of the handle
・Glass windows, such as damaged glass

Guarantor Service

We will support you renting a property.
The third-party institution acts as a guarantor instead of a party.
We also have lots of rental properties without asking for a guarantor.

Home Contents Insurance

Disasters caused by fire, thunder, wind, water, robbery, and so forth are applied to the following insurance.
"Home Contents Insurance" covers damages of household belongings caused by accidents.
"Replacement-Cost Insurance" covers in the event of accidental damage of the rental property.

Communication Business

Energy Business