The groups of APAMAN views on CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)
Japan will definitely improve if firms' contributions to society become more familiar

"Society is based on the people" "Companies can't exist without society"
Therefore, we believe that companies should contribute to the people and society and also be needed by them.
Especially, the criterion for judgement of companies do not apply to only their own profits, but also corporate activities themselves need to be helpful to society.
As well, we believe firms should give back some of their profits and performance to society.
Profits are truly important for companies; however, their profits and social development are inextricably linked, and we think it is the responsibility of firms to provide a part of profits to society.
Based on the goals above, here are the CSR activities of APAMAN group we would like to share.

Low Birthrate Prevention

One of the largest FC aiming for marriage of 10,000 people a year in Japan
Encounter Support Center JUNOALL

JUNOALL was born to contribute to the issue of low birthrate that is the most important challenges in Japan.
The declining birthrate makes regional vitality to lose and not only affects investment in the region, also affects the dreams and hopes of people who live there, thus Japan needs to figure out this urgent issue.
Under such circumstances, in "National Council for Regional Revitalization, First national convention" held in 2014, has marriage achievements, which received the most attention, of over 2,000 pairs in the past, and we learned the efforts of "Ibaraki Encounter Support Center" that received the commendation from the cabinet office, added our own expertise depending on IT, and eventually established "JUNOALL".
We have received inquiries from many companies and local governments, therefore the feelings of JUNOALL are spreading over the country.
We are thinking of working together and establishing more than 100 locations all over the country, and also achieving marriages of more than 10,000 people a year as well as contributing to the country and the areas.

Regional Revitalization

Disaster Support

Disaster Victim Support

We established headquarters for disaster control and work on restoration assistance.

Housing Support

We provided complimentary housing and "temporary housing", cooperated with associated companies.

Relief Supplies Support

We provided relief supplies to shelters, etc.

We Contribute to Society through Projects

We received the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Award.

We assisted the enhancement of terrestrial digital broadcasting to apartment buildings.

We received a letter of gratitude from The Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications.

We supported and cooperated to national censuses.

We received a letter of gratitude from Fukuoka-city.

We are running public-private cooperative startup support facility.

We received a letter of gratitude from Aki-ku, Hiroshima-city.

We assisted in the disaster-stricken area from heavy rains in July 2018.

We received a letter of gratitude from the city of Kitakyushu.

We contributed to revitalize the city.