Investor Relations

IR Policy

We will do IR activities based on the following basic policy.

Disclosure of corporate information

We will strive to disseminate quick, fair, accurate and easy-to-understand corporate information to general investors including shareholders, institutional investors, and analysts. Moreover, I will not inform you of specific information to some specific people. The above-mentioned corporate information is not only information necessary for disclosure that falls under the laws and timely disclosure rules, but also information that we deem necessary for understanding our corporate behavior. The disclosure method will also be posted on our website as appropriate according to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and the rules concerning timely disclosure as stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange etc.

For earnings forecasts and future prediction

Those concerning future forecasts such as business forecasts announced by the Company are forecasts at the time of presentation and do not guarantee the contents. Moreover, we will not support any company performance forecast by a third party.

Disclosure in meetings with analysts and institutional investors

Disclosure in meetings with analysts and institutional investors Information to be announced at meetings with analysts and institutional investors we do is limited to facts or well-known facts that have already been disclosed in financial results announcements, or general business environments. We do not mention any undisclosed "important facts" etc, at all.

Methods of disclosure

Disclosure stipulated by the laws of the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law etc shall be properly made in accordance with laws and regulations. Disclosure falling under the Timely Disclosure Rules shall be registered in accordance with the same rules after preliminary explanation to Tokyo Stock Exchange Co., Ltd., to the "Timely Disclosure network (TDnet)" provided by the Exchange and promptly report We will provide the same information to the institution. With regard to the provision of information disclosed on TDnet on our website, we will publish the facts to the news agency based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and the Timely Disclosure Rules, and will publish the facts to the "Timely Disclosure Information Browsing Service" After posting confirmation, we will post such information promptly. Also, for the convenience of preparing PDF files and other preparations, publication of such information on the website may be delayed. For information that does not fall under the Timely Disclosure Rules, it is a policy to accurately and fairly communicate this information to shareholders and investors in an appropriate manner, based on each law, such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law.

Implement thorough IR policy within the company

We will spread this IR policy inside the company and make it thorough. Inquiries from analysts and institutional investors are all handled by the IR department. This is intended to protect our company and its employees from any legal liability including the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law.

Quiet period

We have set the quiet period as two weeks back from the announcement date for each quarter. During that period, our officers and employees will not make comments on business prospects, outcomes or forecasts. We will also not hold or participate in individual meetings, analyst briefings (large & small meetings), seminars, conference calls etc.